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Next steps for Avalara CertCapture

This article applies to:CertCapture

Now that you've set up CertCapture, follow these steps to manage your compliance documents:


  1. Get documents from your customers. If you don't have a paper document from each customer, send a request to ask for it.
  2. As you receive documents from your customers, upload and validate them. You need to scan paper documents to PDF and upload. In this step, you digitize information from each document and then associate it with one of your customers.
  3. CertCapture stores your documents, and if you're also using AvaTax, transactions that qualify are exempted from tax.
  4. Generate reports to monitor your records for missing and invalid customer documents. If you find that you need to ask a customer for a document, start over at step one.

To learn more about how to use CertCapture, explore the CertCapture Product Guide.

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