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Initiate an API resend in CertCapture

This article applies to:CertCapture

CertCapture sends exemption certificate data to AvaTax via an API call. These API calls are initiated automatically when you make changes to a certificate, but you can also manually trigger a new API call if you find that a certificate is not syncing to AvaTax.

Resend an API call for a single certificate

  1. In CertCapture, search for the certificate.
  2. Select the Certificate ID to view the certificate details.
  3. Select the Queue API Resend button.

This initiates the API call to AvaTax, and once it's complete you can see the results on the History tab of the certificate. It can take several minutes for the results to appear on the History tab. 

Resend API calls for multiple certificates

  1. In CertCapture, search for the certificates.
    • Initiating API calls for multiple certificates creates a queue of certificates to resend, which can take some time to complete. To prevent delays, adjust your search criteria to only include certificates that have API errors:
      1. On the Certificate Search page, select Advanced.
      2. Set the Has API Error? option to Yes.
  2. Select Get Search Results.
  3. On the search results page, select the Perform Action on Results menu.
  4. Select Bulk API Resend.
  5. In the message box that appears, select the checkbox acknowledging that you want to send API calls for the selected certificates.
  6. Select Resend Certificates.

CertCapture will work through the queue of API calls, and when they complete you can see the API call results on the History tab of each certificate.

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