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Guidelines for document request fields

This article applies to:CertCapture


Field Description
Company Defaults to the company your customer is associated with. 
Customer # / Name

This is filled automatically when you find a customer and select Send Document Request.

Change it if you want to send a request to someone else.

Cover Letter A cover letter explains what you need from your customer. CertCapture provides generic cover letters for sending requests when documents are missing, expired, or invalid. 

Create new cover letters and customize them with template tags.
Cover Letter Only

Select to generate only cover letters, without exemption certificate templates. Select this when you want to request documents but don't want to send a user a copy of the certificate to complete online.

CertCapture does not request documents for specific regions when this option is enabled. Be sure to customize your cover letter to let your customer know which documents you're requesting.

Delivery Method

Download - When you complete the request, CertCapture creates a PDF of the cover letter and blank document templates. To download the PDF, go to Profile > Download Center. Find the request, and select Download. Print the PDF and mail it to your customer yourself.

Email - When you complete the request, CertCapture emails your cover letter and blank document templates to the email address you specify. If you choose Email as the delivery method, an Email Address field appears. Cover Letters are attached to emailed requests as a downloadable PDF. The default email template can't be customized.

Fax - When you complete the request, CertCapture faxes your cover letter and blank document templates to a fax number you choose. A Fax Number field appears if you pick Fax as the delivery method.

Location The associated Retail location. Only visible or required if you're using CertCapture for Retail.
Return Date

When the document is due.

Set a default Return Date for all requests in your Company Settings.

Custom Message This text is added to your cover letter wherever you place the Custom_Message template tag
Exposure Zones The jurisdictions where you need a document from your customer to cover audit exposure. What you choose here helps CertCapture know which blank documents to recommend for your customer.
Document Category Pick an exemption reason or another document category. What you choose here helps CertCapture know which blank documents to recommend for your customer.
Document Templates Based on the exposure zones and document categories you picked, CertCapture recommends blank document templates to send your customer. Select each document template you want to send. 
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