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Download and Print Certificates in CertCapture

This article applies to:Avalara CertCapture

Print certificates when you need physical copies for your records. CertCapture converts your certificates into a manageable PDF file that is easy to print from your computer.

Print a certificate

  1. Use search to find your certificate, and then click it to view its details.
  2. Select Download PDF to save the certificate to your computer. 
  3. Open the PDF and print it. The print option may vary based on the program or web browser you're using to view the file.

Print multiple certificates in bulk

This can only be accomplished from the Search Results page.

  1. Use search to find the certificates you need to print. Use search criteria to narrow your results so only certificates you want are included.
    Optional: Use the Advanced search settings to select additional criteria.
  2. Select Perform Action on Results and then select Bulk Print Documents.
  3. CertCapture will collect the certificates in a single download to expedite the process.
    • Title - The name of the bulk file you'll download
    • PDF Option - All certificates are combined in a single PDF file
    • ZIP (Individual) Option - Individual certificates are collected in a Zip file
    • ZIP (Merged) Option - Certificates are merged together by page count
    • Add Info to Footer - Adds identifying information to the bottom of each printed page
  4. Select Create Print Job. You'll receive an email when the file is ready to download.
    • Processing time depends on the number of certificates included in the print job.
  5. Select your name in the upper right and then click Download Center to download the finished file.
  6. Open the PDF and print it from your computer. The print option may vary based on the program or web browser you're using to view the file.



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