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Create a drop ship customer in CertCapture

When validating a customer's exemption document, use attributes to differentiate them as a drop ship customer.

Before you begin 

  1. Add the customer to CertCapture.
  2. Upload the customer's exemption document to CertCapture.
  3. Merge the document to adjust the formatting.


  1. In CertCapture, view the documents available to you:
    • Go to Manage Documents > Validate Documents.
    • From Available Documents, select Available Documents or My Unfinished Documents.
      Documents Claimed by Others are the files being validated by other users on your account.
  2. Find the customer's exemption document with the stage Ready for Validation, and then select the file name.
  3. Under Customer Attributes, add DROP SHIP.
  4. Finish validating the document.

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