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Configure Form Types

This article applies to:Avalara CertCapture

In the CertCapture release 6.4.3, we added 2 new form types to CertCapture, the CertCapture Webportal (now CertExpress), CertCapture for Retail, and CertCapture for eCommerce. 

There are 2 ways to choose how to manage customer requests for exemptions: 

  • Request Form: A set of instructions that provides a buyer all the information they need to submit state or federally supplied documents necessary for an exemption from sales tax. When a buyer selects a jurisdiction and an exempt reason, they don't need to complete any fields online and are prompted to print the form. The request form isn't saved with the customer account because it doesn't provide exemption coverage. Until the buyer provides an exemption certificate, they remain taxable.  
    • Once this feature is released, Request forms will automatically populate the exemption matrix; you won't need to take any further action to use this feature.
  • Affidavit Form: This provides a buyer all the information they need to submit state or federally supplied documents necessary for exemption. It also acts as a temporary certificate that is signed and saved with their account. If a buyer selects a jurisdiction and exempt reason that triggers the creation of an Affidavit form, they don't need to fill out any fields. Instead, they provide an online signature, print the form, and follow the instructions while also submitting the completed form to CertCapture. The form is saved with the customer account and provides temporary exemption coverage for a defined number of days.
    • Once this feature is released, if you want to grant your customers temporary tax exempt status, you will need to map the Affidavit form to all applicable exposure zones / exempt reasons; otherwise, it will default to Request forms.
  Request Affidavit
Printable with instructions X X
Customer signature   X
Saved to customer account   X
Provides temporary exemption   X


Enable affidavits

Before mapping affidavits, enable their use in your company settings.

How to enable affidavits

  1. Go to Company Settings > Company Details.
  2. Next to Affidavit Usage, select the Temporary Exemption Period. The date set in Company Settings controls the temporary exemption period while the the exemption matrix controls the exemption period once the official forms are submitted.

Map Request and Affidavit forms

The 26 request forms in the standard CertCapture library have been changed from a Certificate Type Form to a Request Type Form. For each exposure zone, map your request and affidavit form types. 

How to map forms

  1. To open the exemption matrix, click Company Content and select Exemption Matrix from the drop-down. The exemption matrix opens in a new tab.
  2. If an online fillable form isn't accepted and you only want to provide exemption when the state or federal form is received, map Request Form Types.
  3. If you want to offer temporary exemption, map Affidavit Form Types.