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Change your document type in CertCapture

This article applies to:CertCapture

Tax compliance documents vary based on the nature of your customer's business. Limit your CertCapture operations to a specific document type and more easily manage your compliance documents. The following document types are available in CertCapture:

  • Sales and Use Tax exemption certificates
  • Federal Withholding documents
  • Excise Licenses
  • Excise Certificates

CertCapture functions and menus change based on the document type you select. Select your document type and then request new documents or run document-specific reports.

If you’d like to manage additional document types in CertCapture, contact your Account Manager to discuss purchasing this add-on.

Change document type

The Document Type drop-down is located beside your Company Name. Use it from anywhere in CertCapture to change your document type.

Document type differences in CertCapture

Sales and Use Tax certificates are the default document type in CertCapture. Menus and certain functions change based on the document type you select:

  • Document Report options, Document Invalid reasons, cover letter templates, and the customer import template automatically change to match the document type you select
  • Customers is replaced with Vendors/Payees in buttons, menus, and reports when using the Federal Withholding document type
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