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CertCapture for Retail

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CertCapture for Retail captures customer exemption certificates from the retail store floor and stores information about your customers. There are two types of CertCapture for Retail users: Admin and Retail. Admin users activate and set up the CertCapture for Retail account, add users and locations, and customize settings. Retail users enter and update customer and exemption certificate information. CertCapture for Retail won’t be ready to use until an Admin user activates and sets up the account.

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Set up CertCapture for Retail

CertCapture for Retail won't be ready to use until you complete a few steps in CertCapture as an admin user.

  1. Customize CertCapture for Retail settings according to your business requirements.
  2. Create and edit company locations so CertCapture for Retail knows where you have exemption certificate exposures.
  3. Create Retail users that can create and edit customer information as well as create and renew exemption certificates.
  4. Assign Retail users to company locations to ensure their workflow is dedicated to the location at which they work.

Add customers and exemptions with Retail

When you log into CertCapture for Retail, the first thing presented is a customer search. Use search to accomplish all tasks in CertCapture for Retail such as editing and creating new customer records, creating new certificates, and renewing old ones.

More about CertCapture for Retail search

The more information you provide CertCapture for Retail search, the more specific the results will be. For example, if you need to find a company in California but can only remember the first few letters of the company name, type the letters in the name field and set the state field to California.

Then, simply scroll through the search results identifying companies beginning with those letters. CertCapture for Retail filters out all company names without those letters and all companies in states other than California.


Next steps:

  • If you've performed a search but you can't find a customer, create a customer record.
  • If a customer introduces a new exposure zone, create an exemption certificate by adding that exposure zone to the customer record.
  • If a customer makes a purchase and the exemption certificate is expired or invalid, renew the certificate.
  • To edit customer information such as contact information, click the pen icon in the record. Make changes, then click Finish.

Job aids

Print these job aids and hang them at the point of sale or register.

Create a Certificate Renew a Certificate Create a Customer Record Edit Customer Information
Create a New Certificate (Add an Exposure Zone).png Renew a Certificate.png Renew a Certificate.png Edit Customer Information.png


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