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Avalara CertCapture for eCommerce SDK

This article applies to:Avalara CertCapture

Embed CertCapture's document submission form into your ecommerce site so it can communicate with CertCapture. Gather the required information and plan your implementation before you install the eCommerce Software Development Kit (SDK). We recommend contacting Avalara Professional Services for help with implementation.

Before you begin

  • The individual(s) responsible for embedding forms on your site must have experience with JavaScript, JQuery, CS, or a comparable language
  • If your implementation includes making calls from CertCapture, API experience is recommended
  • Identify where embedded forms should exist on your site
  • Budget time for prolonged testing and modifications to avoid customer issues

Decide how to validate documents

  • Auto-Validate - Automatically completes the document validation and approval process within your CertCapture account, allowing customers to be exempt as soon as the document is submitted. Incomplete or incorrect forms may require post-sale follow-up by a member of your company
  • Submit to Stack - Submitted documents require manual validation and approval within your CertCapture account, allowing you to vet submitted documents before exempting customer purchases

Collect registration info

Implementation steps require CertCapture registration info that is unique to your account. This registration consists of:

  • Client ID - Identifies the client that the API connects to. Get the Client ID in your CertCapture account at Settings > Company Settings > Company Details > Company Information
  • Registration Key - A specific registration key assigned per API instance. Get the Registration key in your CertCapture account at Settings > Company Settings > Company Details > Webportal Registration

You're ready to install

Now that you planned your implementation, add the CertCapture submission form to your ecommerce site.

If you have any questions or concerns about the SDK, contact your Customer Account Manager (CAM) or Avalara Support.

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