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Access CertCapture

This article applies to:CertCapture

Logging in to CertCapture is simple and secure. When you establish your account, you receive an email message that includes an activation link. For security, you must create a new password in CertCapture every 90 days. REST API passwords set via My Profile never expire. 

Once you are logged into the system, learn about the dashboard features and understand the CertCapture interface.

Log in

Sign in to your CertCapture account.

  1. Go to CertCapture.
  2. In the User Name text box, type the email address that you used to establish your account.
  3. In the Password text box, type your password, and then click Log In.


Forgot password

Reset your password when you forget it.

  1. If you can’t remember your password, go to, enter your email, and then click Lost Password?
  2. Type your log-in name and email address. CertCapture will email you a temporary password.
  3. Follow the instructions in the email to log in with your temporary password.
  4. Change the temporary password to one that you want to use.

Change your password

If you know your password and would like to change it:

  1. Log in to CertCapture.
  2. Select your name in the upper right, and then go to My Profile > Change Password.
  3. Enter a new password and save your changes.

Forgot username

If you forget your username, contact your company's Account Administrator to confirm the username.

Alternatively, check your email for an email with the subject line Welcome To CertCapture, which contains your username.

If you are not able to confirm the username using either of the options above, submit a case to our support team and request to confirm the username associated with your email address.

Change username

Submit a case to our support team. Include the old username and what you want to change it to.

Unlock your account

To protect accounts, CertCapture locks a user out after three failed login attempts. If you're locked out, contact your company's Account Administrator so they can unlock you.  

  • Account administrators can unlock users by going to Global Admin > Manage Users and selecting Reset for the user in question.
  • If you are the Account Administrator, submit a case to our support team and request that we unlock your account.

If the Account Administrator can't be reached, Avalara may require the request on a letter containing your corporate letterhead.

  • Submit a case to our support team. We'll work with you to get the appropriate documentation for the request.
  • Must be sent from/signed by a company executive (include the title of the individual signing the communication)
  • Must include "account admin user XXX is no longer here, change CertCapture email address to XXX and reset the password so we may access the account admin user" 

Error: "Could not determine application access"

This occurs when users attempt to sign into CertCapture but haven't been assigned to a company. Account administrators should assign users to a company by going to Account Settings > Manage Users > Assign Companies.

Log out

CertCapture logs you out after ten minutes of inactivity. 

To log out on your own terms, click Your User Name in the upper right, and then click Logout.

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