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Vermont Form Guide

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Streamlined Sales Tax Form 

  • Rev. 3/06-2


Required fields:

  1. State filled in as VT.
  2. Name of purchaser, including street address, city and state.
  3. Purchaser’s tax ID number with state issued or FEIN or State Driver ID, or Foreign Diplomat number. May still be valid if blank, but ID number entered in Part 5 below.
  4. Name of seller.
  5. At least one selection in Part 4: type of business.
  6. At least one selection in Part 5: reason for exemption. ID number must be entered in this section or in item 3 above. Cannot select C-Tribal or E-Charitable as a reason for exemption.
  7. Signature of purchaser.

Form S-3 VT exemption certificate

  • Retired


Required fields

  1. Buyer’s name.
  2. Seller’s name.
  3. Description of items purchased.
  4. Basis for exemption, at least one selection marked with additional fields completed.
  5. Sign and date.


  • Exemption laws are based on Regulation 1.9745-1. They joined SST in 2007.
  • MTC forms are accepted without any qualifications. The SST for is the recommended form for the state, but other forms will still be accepted if they have the required data on them.
  • Exempt organizations must register with the state and present their state issued number on exemption certificates.
  • You can find these forms in the certificate library.
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