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Kansas Form Guide

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Streamlined Sales Tax Form 

  • Rev. 3/06-2


Required fields:

  1. State filled in as KS.
  2. Name of purchaser, including street address, city and state.
  3. Purchaser’s tax ID number with state issued or FEIN or State Driver ID, or Foreign Diplomat number. May still be valid if blank, but ID number entered in Part 5 below.
  4. Name of seller.
  5. At least one selection in Part 4: type of business.
  6. At least one selection in Part 5: reason for exemption. ID number must be entered in this section or in item 3 above. Reason C is not accepted in KS.
  7. Signature of purchaser.


All government agencies, federal, state and local are exempt by law. This includes all schools. Also, many non-profits are exempt by law. Regulations say that the agency or non-profit MUST submit a copy of the letter issued by the state of Kansas that contains their company name, address and exemption number or else they must fill out the standard SST exemption certificate. Although exempt by law, some documentation must be obtained showing they are claiming exempt status.

Prior to SST standards, KS was based on K.A.R. 92-19-25b that required:

  1. Seller’s name and address.
  2. Buyer’s name and address.
  3. Description of property to be purchased.
  4. Reason for exemption.
  5. Signature and date.


  • Resellers were also required to supply their state issued number, a 15 digit number. Kansas account numbers consist of three parts 1) tax type normally a 004 number or similar three digit number, 2) nine digit Federal ID number followed by F or K, then 03) two digit code of number of registrations, normally a 01. An example of the Kansas number would be 004-481880059F-01. Prior regulations before SST (2008) implied that exemption certificates should be renewed every three years.
  • KS Permit numbers can be validated online.
  • You can find these forms in the certificate library.
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