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Iowa Form Guide

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Streamlined Sales Tax Form 

  • Rev. 3/06-2


Required fields:

  1. Seller’s name.
  2. Purchaser name and address.
  3. Purchase nature of business.
  4. Reason for exemption.
  5. General description of products purchased.
  6. Iowa state ID number if retailer.
  7. Sign and date.


  • Contractors cannot make purchases tax-free without providing their exemption certificate along with the exemption certificate provided to them for the project. IA pub. 78-637,8/10/07.
  • Some prior exemption certificates state they are only valid for 3 years. If the certificate has this on the paper, then it should expire in 3 years from the sign date and be replaced with a new form. If the current SST form is used they are good indefinitely. IA statute 423.51 now follows the SST guidelines for certificates never expiring.
  • Churches are not exempt by statute and must provide an exemption certificate with a valid exempt/resale number. Nonprofit museums and private educational institutions may claim exempt status without an ID number. Federal, state and local government agencies are exempt by statute 423.3.31.
  • A copy of a state permit or license is not a valid resale exemption. An exemption certificate must be completed.

Example forms

  • IA-Retired 31-014 Exemption Certificate

You can find these forms in the certificate library.

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