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Illinois Form Guide

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Certificate of Resale Form CRT-61

Required fields:

  1. Name of seller.
  2. Name of purchaser, including street address, city and state.
  3. Check at least one box in item 5 and include the 8 digit registration number listed if the first or second box is selected.
  4. Description of merchandise purchased.
  5. At least one box in item 7 is selected.
  6. Signature of purchaser.
  7. Date signed.


  • If purchaser supplies a registration number that is not exactly 8 digits, it will be deemed invalid.
  • If the purchaser only supplies a copy of the state issued reseller certificate, it will be deemed invalid, as state law requires a certificate with a signature.
  • Regulation 86 Retailer’s Occupation Tax section 130.1405 presents the majority of information on the state’s sales tax exemption information.
  • Purchaser Reseller/IBT numbers can be validated online.


State Issued Letter of Exemption

Customers that are state or federal organizations or state recognized charities will be issued a letter of exemption from the state of Illinois.  A copy of this letter will be recognized as a valid exemption certificate. The letter will state specific beginning and expiration dates for the tax exempt status. Normally exempt organizations will have an “E” number for example E-1111-2222

Purchase of Manufacturing Equipment  ST-587

Required fields:

  1. Seller name, address and IL IBT number.
  2. Purchaser or lessee name and address.
  3. A description of the equipment to be purchased/leased.
  4. Statement of how the equipment will be utilized.
  5. Signature and date.

Example forms

  • IL-CRT-61
  • IL-ST-587 Machinery Exemption

You can find these forms in the certificate library.

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