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Arizona Form Guide

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Transaction Privilege Tax Exemption Form 5000

Required fields:

  1. Purchaser’s business name and address.
  2. Name of seller.
  3. Check either Single Transaction box or Blanket, with valid dates entered.
  4. Check one of the four selections, Transactions with a Business, Native Americans, Government, or Nonresidents with proper AZ information given to complete each section.
  5. Check one box 1-26 in Reason for Exemption.
  6. Purchaser signature.

Arizona Resale Certificate Form 5000A

Required fields:

  1. Seller name and address.
  2. Buyer name and address.
  3. Buyer's AZ resale license number.
  4. Description of type of business.
  5. Description of property to be resold.
  6. Check either Single Transaction box or Blanket, with valid dates entered.
  7. Sign and date the form.


  • AZ must have specific dates in which the certificate is valid. When this section is left blank Avalara will enter the received or fax date as the initiation date and enter a date 4 years after for an expiration date.
  • Arizona state regulation 42-5009 cites that a person who conducts business may allow for a deduction from the tax base if they obtain a certificate executed by the purchaser indicating the name and address of the purchaser, the precise nature of the business of the purchaser, the purpose for which the purchase was made, the necessary facts to establish the appropriate deduction and the tax license number of the purchaser.

Subsection F of this regulation states that Resale, Utility may require additional information to claim an exemption.

  • Subsection H discusses the motion picture industry and states that from 2006-2010, the state shall issue an exemption certificate to the company to present for exemption, that must be renewed each year.

Certain charitable and exempt organizations will be provided a letter from the state explaining they are exempt from specific taxes. In these cases, an exemption certificate form (AZ-5000) is not required, but a copy of the letter from the state should be kept on file.

  • Freight forwarders exporting to Mexico should use form 5000 and check box 25 on the second page. Government purchases must also use this form and check boxes 20-23.
  • Arizona accepts the Border States Uniform Sale for Resale Certificate. Arizona also accepts the MTC form, but only for resale transactions.
  • AZ purchaser Tax ID numbers can be validated online.

Example forms

  • AZ Form 5000 Page 1
  • AZ- From 5000 Page 2
  • Border States Resale Certificate
  • AZ Form 5000A Resale Certificate
  • AZ State Issued Exemption Letter for Exempt Organizations- Example

You can find these forms in the certificate library.

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