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Run Avalara AvaTax Reports

This article applies to:Avalara AvaTax Update

Avalara has dozens of reports to help you reconcileHoverTT.png data, file returns, and otherwise use information from your transactions.

Generate reports on your transaction history at any time. Report data updates hourly. For more recent transaction activity, see Transactions under the Transactions menu.

What you want to do What reports to use
Reconcile AvaTax Update invoice data with your accounting software

Use reconcile reports to identify differences between AvaTax Update invoice data and data in your accounting software. Most reconcile reports are available for sales tax or consumer use tax.

Types of reconcile reports

  • Top Line:  This basic report shows top line totals for your companies with transactions in AvaTax Update.
  • Document Summary: This report shows totals for the documents in transactions you've entered in AvaTax Update.
  • Document Summary Listing: This report shows totals, broken up by taxing jurisdictionHoverTT.png, for transactions you've entered in AvaTax Update.
  • Document Line Detail: This report shows totals of each document line within the documents in transactions you've entered in AvaTax Update.
  • Document Line Tax Detail: This report shows details for a selected document, showing each taxing jurisdictionHoverTT.png within a document line.
Get the information used to fill out tax returns

Use tax return reports to view your sales and sellers use tax liability. If you use Returns, use the Liability Worksheet Export Reports to get liability worksheetHoverTT.png data. Liability information helps Avalara fill out your tax returns. Most tax return reports are available for sales tax or for consumer use tax. Liability worksheet export reports are available for sales tax only.

Types of tax return reports

  • Tax Summary: This report shows tax summary liability by country or region. This report captures a view of all documents for the filters selected. The total tax amounts for California and Texas may not reflect all taxes due to mixed local sourcing. Drill down into this report to see accurate totals for California and Texas.
  • Tax Jurisdiction Detail: This report shows a detail view of the state, county, city, and special tax jurisdictionHoverTT.png. The view you select when generating the report changes how information is displayed. All views include a recap section summing up by jurisdiction type, STA, CTY, CIT, and STJ within each state.
    • Standard view shows the transactions summarized by individual taxing jurisdictionsHoverTT.png within a state.
    • Standard Expanded view returns the same report as the Standard view, but with extra space between lines of information.
    • County City view shows transactions sorted by state, then county, and finally city taxing jurisdictionsHoverTT.png.
    • Combined Extended view shows totals by address and is best used for state returns that require combined rate reporting by a non-taxing jurisdictionHoverTT.png.
    • Combined view differs from the Combined Extended view in its more detailed recap section, showing information by specific counties and cities.
    • Combined View by Taxing Jurisdiction differs from the Combined view only by the inclusion of an STJ column for special tax jurisdictions.
  • Exemption Detail by Jurisdiction: This report shows exempt and non-taxable sales details.
  • Tax Levels: This report shows information specific to California and Colorado returns. Choose the appropriate state, and then choose the Report Type or Home Rule LocationHoverTT.png applicable to your needs.
    • California (Detail) is a detailed report that can help you fill out California state returns.
    • California (Summary) is a summary report that can help you fill out California state returns.
    • Colorado (State Return Only) is a summary report that can help you fill out Colorado state returns.
    • Colorado (city-specific return) shows information that can help you fill out local home ruleHoverTT.png Colorado tax returns for many different home rule locations. This report lets you choose one city at a time.
  • New York Apparel Taxation: This report shows information that can help you fill out New York Schedule H forms.
  • Colorado Multi-Location: This report shows information that can help you fill out local home rule Colorado tax returns. It includes all taxes for the state of Colorado (including all state, county, city, and STJ tax) for all locations that you're transacting in or have nexus set up in. It's also the only report that includes your Colorado account number and site ID.

Types of liability worksheet export reports

  • State Summary: This report shows one row of liability data for each state or province.
  • Return Detail: This report shows the tax return data of each state or province.
  • Carry-over Credits: This report shows the details of all applied or excluded credits at the tax return level.
Other tax reports

Use these reports to get information about taxes other than sales tax or consumer use tax. 

Types of other tax reports

  • Reverse Charge Reports: Run this report as a Documents, Document Lines, or Document Line Detail report. Reverse charge is commonly required in the European Union (EU) to facilitate intra-EU cross-border, business-to-business trade without requiring the supplier to register in all EU Member States.
  • All Taxes Report: Use this report to get data on taxes other than sales tax that our service calculates, such as lodging or landed cost.
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