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Configure AvaTax Update Using Tax Profile Assistant

Now that you've completed the basic setup for calculating tax and performing address validations, it's time to set up your tax profile in your AvaTax Update account using the Tax Profile Assistant.

Connect to AvaTax Update account using the Tax Profile Assistant

The AvaTax Update Tax Profile Assistant ensures the configurations in your accounting software align with your AvaTax Update settings to provide the most accurate tax information. To use the Tax Profile Assistance, follow these steps:
  1. To access the Tax Profile Assistant, go to the AvaTax Update Setup Assistant page or the AvaTax Update Configuration page. The access path may vary based on the integration used for accessing AvaTax Update. 
  2. The Avalara Tax Profile Assistant welcome page displays your tax profile status based on your AvaTax Update configuration and settings. Add the missing settings, marked with this symbol CrossMark.png, to complete your tax profile, and then click Next.
    1. Connecting you to Avalara AvaTax: Status of the connection.
    2. Tax profile is completed in AvaTax?: Tells you whether your tax profile is complete in AvaTax Update. A tax profile is considered incomplete if you haven't created a company or setup your nexus settings. 
    3. AvaTax settings in ERP are complete?: Status of AvaTax Update settings required in accounting software. This is considered incomplete if the following aren't set or mapped:
      • Tax schedule
      • Address validation
      • Customers
      • Item taxability
  3. On the New Company Creation page, information received from your accounting software is used to pre-populate the fields. You created your first company when you activated AvaTax Update, skip these steps unless you need to create an additional company.
    1. Click Create Company to create a new company and proceed to the Tax Jurisdiction page.
    2. On the Tax Jurisdiction page, either select and set where you collect and remit tax based on your preferred location or choose to skip this selection.
    3. The AvaTax Update Setup Checklist page lists the status of the setup for this AvaTax Update account. A tab details the status of the setting and provides a link to access the setting in the Admin Console. The AvaTax Update Setup Checklist tabs:
      • The Select Tax Profile tab displays the details of the company connected to the AvaTax Update account.
      • The Tax Jurisdictions tab displays the nexus jurisdictions for this company.
      • The Tax Schedule tab displays the status of the tax schedule mapped to AvaTax Update.
      • The Address Validation tab displays the address validation settings for this company.
      • The Customer Mapping tab displays the customer mapping details. Click the numeric value link for a detailed list of customers mapped to AvaTax Update.
      • ​The Item Taxability tab displays the item mapping details. This tab also displays the count of the number of customers mapped as non-taxable, as well as special handling tax items.
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