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Assign Customers to AvaTax

Assign customers to AvaTax Update to have QuickBooks Desktop use AvaTax Update to calculate sales tax for them. QuickBooks Desktop keeps using your company's previous tax calculation solution if you don't tell QuickBooks Desktop to use AvaTax Update.

AvaTax Update for QuickBooks Desktop stores the tax-calculation method in every customer's record as a tax item.

Assign one customer

  1. Go to Customers > Customer Center and select the customer.
  2. In the Customer card window, on the Sales Tax Settings tab, from Tax Item select AVATAX.

Assign multiple customers at once

  1. Go to File > AvaTax > Utilities > Tax Calculation > Customer tax Item Update Utility.
  2. Select the customers for whom you want to use AvaTax Update to calculate tax, and then click Assign.


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