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Update Your Version of AvaTax

Some accounting software updates AvaTax Update automatically. If yours doesn't automatically update, manually update to the latest version of AvaTax Update for your accounting software:

  1. Determine which version of AvaTax Update is installed in your accounting software. The version number is usually found on the About AvaTax Update or About Avalara tab or menu. Compare your version number with the latest release number. The release notes for your accounting software lists the updates and enhancements made in the latest release.
    • If the version you have installed matches the latest version available, you don't need to worry about updating.
    • If the AvaTax Update version is more recent, you need to update.
  2. Determine how to get your update. Some accounting software offers AvaTax Update in their respective app stores. For some, you need to contact your solution development partner. For others, you need to download from AvaTax Update.
  3. Once you download AvaTax Update for your accounting software, follow the steps to install and configure.
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