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Avalara AvaTax Update Release Notes

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Read the release notes to learn about the latest changes, improvements, and fixes to AvaTax Update.

AvaTax Update

AvaTax Update release 18.8.0, August 13, 2018


  • Added the ability to calculate more types of taxes in addition to sales and use tax, including excise tax, customs duty, lodging tax, bottle tax, electronic waste tax, bike tax, and grocery bag tax. Talk to your Customer Account Manager if you're interested in automated calculation for these new tax types.
  • Added new international tax options for users who need to calculate VAT or GST
  • The AvaTax Exemption page now provides prompts to help you add exempt customers if you don't have any yet


  • Updated the company creation process to provide more options for non-US-based companies and new tax types
  • Added new information to the company creation checklist
  • Updated the Where You Collect settings to provide options for more tax types


  • Added a message to the Company Locations page that tells you if the company doesn't actually have any locations


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