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Manage Your AvaTax License Key

This article applies to:Avalara AvaTax Update

Your license key is specific and unique to your account. If you have production and sandbox accounts, each has its own license key. You must have a license key to connect your accounting software to AvaTax Update.

Your license key is emailed to you when it's generated. You generate your original license key when you get the connector to set up your first company in AvaTax Update. If you set up AvaTax Update before October 2017, your original license key may have been generated when you accepted the terms and conditions.

Avalara doesn't keep a copy of your license key and can't tell you what it is.

Search for your current license key in:

  • Your email if you're the account administrator who set up AvaTax Update. Find the latest reset email or the Get Started email if the license key has never been reset.
  • Your accounting software. Some display the license key in AvaTax Update configuration.

Generate a new license key

Get a new license key by generating one on your account page. Keep in mind that:

  • Only AvaTax Update account admins can generate a new key.
  • A new license key breaks the connection between AvaTax and your accounting software. To restore the connection, you'll need to update your accounting software with the new key.
  • Even if you have more than one connector, you only need one license key. 

To generate a new license key:

  1. From AvaTax Update, select Settings > Manage Account. Then go to Integrations > Software keys.
  2. Click Generate license key.
  3. Click Yes, generate a new license key
  4. The new license key appears. Before closing the page, click Download license key or Print this, or copy and paste the key somewhere you won’t lose it. For security reasons, Avalara doesn’t store license keys.

For more on how to update your accounting software after getting a new license key, see Find Your Home Page

After you generate a new license key, be sure to update the license key in every workstation that connects to AvaTax Update. If your accounting software doesn't have the correct license key, the workstation can't connect to AvaTax Update.  

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