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Manage Users in AvaTax Update

This article applies to:Avalara AvaTax Update

Give people secure access to AvaTax Update by adding them as users and assigning them to a group.

To add, edit, delete, or export a list of users, go to Settings > Manage Users. Sort the user list by Active or Inactive to see who has access to your AvaTax Update account. Inactive users are still in the list of users, but can't log into AvaTax Update unless they're set to active again. Change whether or not a user is active, as well as other settings, by editing that user in the user list.

User access levels and permissions

Use the table below to determine which access level and permissions you want to assign to a particular user.

Access Level



Account or Company

No Access

Can't log in to AvaTax Update

Use this instead of deleting a user or to temporarily deny access



Read-only access to all companies in the account



Full access to the account and all companies in the account



Read-only access to a specific company and its child companies, if any



Full access to a specific company and its child companies, if any

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