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Manage Company Locations

This article applies to:Avalara AvaTax Update

A company location in AvaTax Update is a record of the physical presence of a company or its personnel. If you've added company locations in AvaTax Update and your accounting software, AvaTax Update uses those location codes during tax calculation to report on sales by individual location. Each location is uniquely identified by a location code. AvaTax Update uses the location code to associate transactionsHoverTT.png with a particular location.

A location is a record of the physical presence of a company or its personnel. A location records address information for:

  • Storefronts
  • Main offices
  • Warehouses
  • Other locales
  • Salespersons

Use Type and Category to define your locations. This doesn't affect tax calculations or returns filing.

Many states have unique requirements for reporting sales from registered locations. Before setting up company locations in AvaTax Update, set up where you collect tax. If you haven't set up where you collect tax correctly, sales by location aren't calculated accurately. To set up where you collect tax, go to Settings > Manage Where You Collect and Remit Tax.

Once you've set up where you collect tax, add a company location for each location that's registered with a state or any other jurisdiction. To add or edit your company locations, go to Settings > Manage Your Locations. To export a .xlsx or .csv file of all your company locations, click Export Locations.

If you use Returns: Company locations are required in any state where a specific location is registered to remit taxes. Registered locations have a unique ID number provided by the state to report sales by individual location. 

If you don't use Returns: Company locations are an optional tool to track sales by individual locations for reporting and remittance purposes.