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Manage Advanced Account Settings

This article applies to:Avalara AvaTax Update

Use these settings, which apply to all companies in your account, to specify address validationHoverTT.png and jurisdiction overridesHoverTT.png in AvaTax Update.

Edit advanced account settings

Go to Settings > Manage Advanced Account Settings to view and edit these settings.

  • Address Standardization 
    • Turn on to display validated addressesHoverTT.png in uppercase
    • Turn off to display validated addresses in mixed case
  • Require and Validate Exemption Certificates - For both US and Canadian certificates, tell AvaTax Update to:
    • Do not Require or Validate -  Ignore exemptions and calculate tax
    • Validate if Found - Exempt a transaction if the transaction has an entity/use code or exemption number when an exemption certificate isn't in the system
    • Require and Validate -  Exempt a transaction only if an exemption certificate is in the system
  • Jurisdiction Overrides - A jurisdiction override changes how AvaTax Update sourcesHoverTT.png tax jurisdictions for processing transactions.
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