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Manage Transactions

This article applies to:Avalara AvaTax

Access the complete history of your transactionsHoverTT.png in AvaTax. View transactions and tax details, change the status of transactions, add new transactions, and edit existing transactions using the steps below.

  1. Add and import transactions

    In order to reconcile any differences, we recommend adding transactions if they are in your accounting system, but missing in AvaTax.

    Depending on your accounting system, manual adjustments are not automatically updated after reconciliation. You need to make sure that the transactions in your accounting system match your transactions in AvaTax so that these updates are reflected in both systems.

    If you don't want to add your transactions manually one at a time, we recommend importing your transactions.

  2. Adjust, commit, delete, and void transactions

    Adjust a transaction if the transaction in your accounting system doesn't match the transaction in the Admin Console. You can make a change that affects the entire document or an individual line item.

    Committed transactions are automatically included in Admin Console reports. You commit a transaction to change it's status from void or uncommitted to committed. If you use Returns, only committed transactions are filed.

    It isn't possible to delete transactions from the Admin Console. AvaTax maintains a history of each transactionHoverTT.png for audit purposes and deleting a transaction would invalidate this history. Void the transactions instead.

  3. Review transactional data

    Review transaction details if there are discrepancies between your accounting system and the Admin Console. AvaTax determines tax jurisdiction sourcing for each line when processing a transactionHoverTT.png. See the document tax summary and line item details for your transactionsHoverTT.png in AvaTax.

  4.  Transactions - frequently asked questions
    Here are the answers to some of our frequently asked questions about transactions.