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Run a Transaction Usage Report

This article applies to:Avalara AvaTax

The Transaction Usage report displays information on the billable transaction count and transaction plan of an AvaTax account, while the Transaction Usage Visualizer creates a graphical representation of this same data. For more information about billable transactions, see Understand Your Avalara Invoice

To run a Transaction Usage report, follow the steps below in Generate any report, and then customize your report based on the requirements of the specific report you choose. For the Transaction Usage Visualizer, follow the steps below in Access the Transaction Usage Visualizer. You can generate reports at any time; however, report data updates hourly. For more recent transaction activity, see the transactions list on the Transactions tab.

For more information about these and other report types, and to learn how to run these reports, read our report descriptions. Learn how these reports are linked to one another, or review the answers to our frequently asked questions about reports.

Generate any report

To generate any type of report:

  1. On the Reports tab, select a report category. When making your selection, be aware that the first section is for sales tax reports and the second section is for consumer use tax reports.
  2. From the the Company or Separate Reporting Entity list, select a company or reporting entity.
  3. From the Select Report list, select a report. Fields specific to the report you select display.
  4. Type or select values in the fields that display to determine what's included in the report. Remember:
    • The HTML file format isn't  recommended for displaying large reports.
    • The EXCEL file format is limited to the number of rows Microsoft Excel supports.
    • Large reports take time to generate. Don't cancel the report.
  5. Click Generate.

Generate a Transaction Usage report

The Transaction Usage report shows information on the billable transaction count and transaction plan of your AvaTax account. If you have any questions about your transaction usage, reporting concerns, or upgrades, contact your Customer Account Manager (CAM).

To generate a Transaction Usage report:

  1. To set the date range for transactions to include in the report, next to Select Date Range, select or enter the desired date range.
  2. From the File Format list, select the file format for the report.

Access the Transaction Usage Visualizer

The Transaction Usage Visualizer shows the transaction usage of your account for the contract period.

To access the visualizer:

  • In the Admin Console, on the My Account tab, click Usage.

This report shows the following details:

  • Trending Snapshot shows the contract period and the usage trend (in %) during the same period. It alerts you if you're trending over your expected transaction count for the contract period.
  • Customer Account Manager shows information about your Customer Account Manager (CAM).
  • Transactions Used by Month shows the monthly usage details.